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He Stands Tall in His Belief That Racism in Pain Management Has Affected Millions.


Life was almost perfect for Social Entrepreneur Jackson Dunbar; the founder of The WellMed Foundation and WellMed/Atlanta, a privately owned Psychiatric Medical firm. Once thriving in the Healthcare space, Dunbar heavily invested in the stock market, building a handsome portfolio that fueled his companies’ growth and local job creation.  It seemed that everything was going extremely well, until a tragic car accident nearly took his life. Thankfully, he lived, but he lost his quality of life as Chronic Pain made it impossible for him to walk normally, play with his kids, or even hug his wife. 


In his tell-all book, RACE MATTERS IN PAIN MEDICINE, Jackson Dunbar, Esq. gives a first-hand account on how he ‘Made Money, Lost 90 Lbs. and Thrived in Chronic Pain".  


With the subject matter covering a wide range of relatable personal issues, it is the in-depth research of the fine print of pharmaceuticals that gave way to the unmitigated truth; there is racial disparity in Pain Medicine. Moreover, while managing this pain, Dunbar, committed to creating a new normal for himself, deliberately focused on his physical health and strength, continued to earn an income while still in Chronic Pain and without his knowledge, was teaching himself and possibly the world, a masterclass in survival.  


Suffering from chronic pain and can't find a solution? LET'S TALK ABOUT IT.

Join Jackson Dunbar for live chats on finding your solution to managing your pain.

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